Adventist Education

The Adventist independent school system is a worldwide network of Christian schools, colleges and universities that have been operating since 1863. It is now one of the largest Protestant independent school systems in the world.

Owned and operated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church, the schools within this system meet the regulatory standards of education. Committed to making quality Christian education accessible to everyone, each school is founded on Christian principles and welcomes students from all religious and cultural backgrounds.

The Seventh-day Adventist Church operates 5,846 schools worldwide, with a total enrolment of over 1 million students. There are 58 Adventist independent schools in Australia that cater for over 12,000 students in every state and territory. Seven comprehensive coeducational schools cover the South Queensland area that provide quality education in new or refurbished and well-equipped buildings and grounds.

Why choose Adventist education? 


We have a desire to know God better and experience Him in our daily lives. All students are encouraged to have a relationship with Jesus, who they come to know through daily spiritual emphasis and weekly worship services. Additional Bible tuition is available for individuals should they wish to pursue it.

The Bible also prompts us to consider the balanced development of the whole person: their mental, physical, social and emotional wellbeing. We promote a healthy lifestyle. An extension of this health emphasis is our vegetarian canteen. 


Our values and principles are upheld in our school and we expect a high standard of conduct both inside and outside of school.

Our spiritual development programs, daily interactions and restorative discipline practices focus on helping families raise children to become responsible, mature and well-rounded young adults. We uphold the ideal that service to fellow human beings provides fulfilment and happiness in life. 


Our student population is made up of students from diverse backgrounds. We teach respect for other cultures, promote compassion, and embrace every individual in our school community. 

We also encourage our students to learn to the best of their ability and reach for excellence. Teachers instruct in a variety of learning styles and interact positively with students. 

Mission Statement, Adventist Schools Australia 

Our belief about Christian education is biblically based with an unashamed desire to emulate the life of Jesus Christ. Thus, the aim of Adventist education in Australia is to create an educational environment that makes it more likely that each student will accept Jesus Christ as Saviour and friend.

Adventist education is built on the belief that each student is unique and of immeasurable value. It values the importance of the systematic development of the whole person. Students are taught to accept the concept of service as a principle of life; to be sensitive to the needs of people; and to become contributing members of their home, church and society.