YEAR 4/5 CAMP (8TH-10TH MARCH 2023)

Students from Year 4 and 5 attended their class camp at Camp Somerset with Miss Entermann, Mr Goldstone and Mrs Habermann.  There were cabins to sleep in, good food to eat and lots of great activities to keep them busy. 

The IAS students shared their fun camp experience with our sister school year 4 and 5 classes from Darling Downs Christian College.

Activities included canoeing, raft building, archery and tree climbing. By participating in the activities, students were challenged to develop essential personal and social skills, show resilience, grow self-confidence, take initiative, problem solve and cooperate in teamwork.

School camp is a great way for students to experience personal independence, learn how to manage personal risk, develop a sense of self and understand the value of health and well-being by being in a natural outdoor environment.

Students returned grateful that they could learn so much about themselves, each other and the way God made each one of us special.