Did you know that trains can travel up to 160km per hour and weigh up to 200 cars worth of heavy metal, making them extremely heavy? Due to their speed and weight, it can take up to 1km for a train to come to a complete stop!

That is what students learned from Aaron, a representative from Queensland Rail, who visited IAS to educate us about railway safety. The students were also amazed to learn that train lines carry 25,000 volts of electricity that can easily cause destruction and injury.

During the visit, the students were shown a safety video that emphasized the importance of staying behind the yellow line, respecting property and other people, and understanding how trains function. Aaron also shared how to be safe when crossing railway tracks, which is a very important safety measure. Students were advised to look for safety signs and to listen for safety signals.

The safety workshop was well presented, and the students and staff alike found it informative and engaging. The students were able to ask questions, which helped them understand the importance of railway safety measures better. The workshop concluded with a quiz, which the students thoroughly enjoyed.

We would like to express our gratitude to Aaron from Queensland Rail for conducting a well-received safety workshop and educating about the importance of railway safety which was beneficial for both the students and staff.