Our school had a wonderful experience participating in National Simultaneous Storytime where the same story is read at the same time alongside other schools, childcare centers, bookshops, and libraries across Australia and New Zealand.

Mrs. Irving, our sports teacher, and her special helper, Noah, read 'The Speedy Sloth' to our students. The story was about Spike the sloth who decided to enter a running race, despite all the other animals telling her she couldn't do it, especially the cheetah. But Spike didn't give up and remained determined and tenacious. She kept her eyes on the finish line and ran her race all the way to the end. 

The students learned an important lesson that we are all in a race called life, and we must stay focused, not give up, and keep our eyes on Jesus, as the Bible teaches us.
We are grateful to Mrs. Irving and Noah for reading to our school students.