me@BAC (25TH MAY 2023)

The transition to high school can be overwhelming for students, but fortunately, our Year 6 students were able to attend an orientation day at Brisbane Adventist College (BAC).

During this event, they experienced a typical day in the life of a high school student, engaging in various subject activities, navigating their way through different classrooms, and acquiring valuable information essential for their future as high schoolers.
We extend our gratitude to BAC for hosting this orientation day, providing our Year 6 students with an excellent opportunity to learn, explore, and prepare for this new phase in their lives.

Here are some of the insights our students gained about high school:

Hannah – When we first arrived at me@BAC I was excited by how big the school was.  I really enjoyed the Visual Arts lesson because we got to mix paint colours and blow them with a straw. Others thought mine was good. I found it in my interest and satisfying.  At the end of the day I realised that Year 7 isn’t that hard and more fun than I thought. I am so grateful that I went.

Fraser – I was excited to attend me@BAC because the school is so big and the people were so kind there. I really enjoyed Science because it was fun making the snow globes by putting liquids into a little glass case.  In the end, I thought the day was so cool and I was grateful that I was able to go.

Finn – Attending me@BAC was exciting because the school is way bigger than I thought. My favourite subject was Science because we got to wear lab coats and make snow globes. In the end, I realised that going to high school would be a big change because it’s so different to our school but I am so happy that I went.