Students were excited to wear their traditional clothes that represent their heritage or the colour orange to celebrate Harmony Day on Tuesday the 21st of March.

Harmony Day is about inclusiveness, respect and cultivating a space where everyone belongs. IAS is a multi-cultural school with many different nationalities represented.

After sharing the meaning of Harmony Day, students were able to participate in a multicultural market day morning hosted by our IAS Parents & Friends (P&F) committee.

Many different cultures were represented with stalls containing crafts, games, activities, and food allowing students to learn about and experience different cultures. Students were able to add to their ‘passport’ as they visited each stall with a stamp.

Thank you to our P&F committee for sponsoring a wonderful experience for our students.

To conclude Harmony Day, students watched traditional performances showcasing IAS students to reaffirm that Harmony Day is a celebration that recognises our diversity and brings together Australians from all different backgrounds.